Tor Project is resurrecting SecBrowser as Mullvad Browser

Tor Project recently received funding to factor out the security and privacy enhancements of Tor Browser from the Tor-specific enhancements (similar to how Kicksecure factors out security features from Whonix). The factored-out browser is called Base Browser [1]. This is basically the same concept as SecBrowser, which was deprecated by Kicksecure due to insufficient support from upstream Tor Project. There aren’t yet any Nightly builds of Base Browser, but code is already being committed to Git; I’m not sure what the expected release timeline is.

It might be useful for Kicksecure to consider including Base Browser once it’s released (at least as Nightly). I’m guessing the Tor Browser Downloader in Whonix could be trivially adapted for Base Browser.

[1] I was initially not very fond of this name, but it’s grown on me, especially once I realized that it opens the door to entertaining memes such as “In Soviet Russia, all your tracker are belong to Base Browser.”

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I don’t think we said that?

My recollection was that there were severe UX issues with SecBrowser that were primarily caused by the Tor Browser codebase not being compatible with the changes SecBrowser wanted to make, e.g. the window title saying “Tor Browser” still, and that this was why it was deprecated? If that’s correct, I would say the root cause of the deprecation was insufficient support from upstream. Anyway I’ll defer to you on this since you obviously know the history better than I do, so apologies if I misstated the reasons.

Yeah. No worries about the history.

Interesting suggestion. Worth monitoring when it materializes.

Disadvantages I see are:

  • the risk of Tor Project (TPO) abandoning the project (for example in the past great projects such as Vidalia, torbirdy and Tor Messenger were deprecated),
  • the weird need for a non-APT based installation method,
  • binary program files in the home folder,
  • binary program folder mixed with user data.


Now that the big announcement was made this morning, I can disclose who funded Base Browser. Mullvad contracted Tor Project to make Mullvad Browser, which (like Tor Browser) is a derivative of Base Browser.

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Does not seem that likely.

  • no arm64 and other architecture support?

This still equally applies?

Nevertheless, Mullvad Browser could be considered as an alternative to Firefox for installation by default in Kicksecure one day.

A welcome contribution would be adding support to tb-updater for downloading Mullvad Browser (MB) if it’s just about changed download locations, folder names.

Would Kicksecure give MB browser the same AppArmor treatment as FF?

Probably, same AppArmor profile as included in package as apparmor-profile-torbrowser.

stub wiki page created:

If it matters, Mullvad Browser will soon be available via their own repo:

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Base Browser

Under consideration as Kicksecure Default Browser see chapter Mullvad Browser.

This was implemented.

Most essential information has been documented.

  • Opt-in Installation: Users can easily opt-in to install Mullvad Browser (MB).

Yeah it looks like they were going to make Mullvad Browser available to be installed from the Mullvad debian repository, but now it looks that is not the case anymore. :cry: