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Adding new packages will be installed with its recommends

While its good to apply new packages with:

But current issue is that the newly installed packages for already kicksecure users will receive an upgrade with the new packages + recommended packages (not with --no-recommends as kicksecure installed) meaning it might pull unwanted extra packages like avahi or samba or…etc

Current example is VLC which is installed with its recommended package (not depends) vlc-plugin-samba which install samba and smbclient libraries as a result (even if they are safe still considered extra for kicksecure installation).

good thing its removable without extra issues:

Either something by kicksecure can be done forcing packages to not pull recommends if added newly or by the end user with apt.

Note: This is only effecting newly added packages with previous kicksecure users, new kicksecure users will install kicksecure with --no-install-recommends as mentioned in the wiki.

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Install Additional Software Safely chapter --no-install-recommends in Kicksecure wiki