Better tracker for Kicksecure development and progress

I think it would help the community and devs if there was some type of progress board where different features, issues, and testing was tracked and laid out better.
A place to list things that are most needed to be tested like high priority and low priority to get to the end goal of a released Kicksecure ISO.

TailsOS uses Issue boards but they are also using GitLab not GitHub.
Something like Issue boards/Milestones (which are more like a progress tracker) that would be great for moving the project forward.

If there are people who actually contribute regularly to resolve tickets that say that it would be useful, then yes.

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Is there any other forums of discussion about the project?

Not that I know.

There is some discussion on Issues · Kicksecure/security-misc · GitHub.

Some legacy forum threads are still on

For developers: subscribe to code changes


Might look at creating a IRC room or XMPP muc.