Beyond Blocking Debian: Signed Onionized Sources for Qubes Template

The Kicksecure Template for Qubes OS
still requires funding and development.
https ://www . kicksecure . com/wiki/Qubes

There seems to be no way to update from sources without special consideration paid to onionized sourcing when certain unattributed network obstacles persist.
https ://forums . debian . net/ viewtopic.php?p=770508&hilit=Tor+http#p770508

Why does this happen? No one has explained.

Does anyone on this forum know why this is the case? Certainly, Debian does not targeted universal ban a computer user on any platform with roaming total coverage as a community. So the obstacle must be technical in nature.

I am simply trying to get a VPN qube functional but all the Debian updates are blocked and the Fedora modifications are no doubt elaborate.