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Clean Installing KS On Debian 11 CLI, Hit Security Misc Error

I was going through all the steps to morph Debian 11 to KS and hit a snag at the very last part. While running “sudo apt install kicksecure-xfce” it hits an error "/var/lib/dpkg/ ERROR: No user is a member of group ‘sudo’. Installation aborted.

I followed the guidance for not making user sudo due to a preference to keep root the only admin account.

Is it possible to use the xfce installer without having user in sudo?

Some user need to be a member of the linux user group sudo. Not
necessarily user user.

Did you follow the instructions for adding a user to the sudoers group? It’s part of the documented conversion process. Just making sure.

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I hit the same sudo issue. This is a source of confusion, perhaps:

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I thought it said in the footnotes tfor not putting the user in the sudoer group that you could still do the morph without putting a user in. I will modify my approach and try it again.

From Footnote 4:

" The following command /usr/sbin/adduser user sudo grants root rights to user user. If the user intents to use user user without root rights for better security, the user should omit running the /usr/sbin/adduser user sudo and instead, in case of:

  • Debian: Use su."

Thanks for the quick responses.

Thanks. Footnote has been improved just now.

Is there no way to ditch sudo completely? I have a setup where root can only login via recovery boot, and non-root users cannot get privileges. No sudo, no su. ‘passwd -l root’. Can I use this setup with kicksecure?

No, there’s not.

No, not without development effort.

Related, the long term Kicksecure development roadmap.

The long term concept:

sudoless is not coming anytime soon. Might be years if not decades. Unless there are volunteer contributors.

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