Consider installing systemd-oomd by default

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  • Import kicksecure ova into vbox
  • Reduce the RAMs to 1026mb
  • Run KS
  • Open terminal and install systemd-oomd
  • Restart KS
  • Open FF, and run:
    ** youtube
    ** facebook
    ** 3mdeb
    ** 3mdeb2020

wait for few seconds and KS gonna log you out, and when you login everything start from fresh.

its like restarting the entire OS without the need to really restart.

not that much of a again (maybe for servers who dont want to restart their servers or so…).

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Yes. For end-user desktop systems it seems better to keep the bad default behavior of a freeze. Then user has at least some idea what is causing it. By automatically dropping back to the login manager, it looks more like a bug than a low RAM issue.

On servers might make more sense because system administrators wouldn’t need to have to reboot the server. Possibly not all services go offline. And system administrators are more likely to read the logs.

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