Create a video of installation from ISO

Morphing Debian to Kicksecure is easy. VIrtualBox is easy. KVM is hard. ISO is even harder because requires interacting with real hardware (not considering that ISO can be imported to VirtualBox).

Please create a video detailing all the steps from downloading an ISO, flashing the image to a device, booting the live ISO and running Calamares and finally rebooting and booting to the installed system.

Tails has an animation:

Found on page Linux install, step 5/7. Their video only shows the hardest part, entering the boot menu and choosing the device to boot from. A video for Kicksecure could also be only this section, undoubtedly the hardest part, or wait till some youtuber do a 20 minute review video, being 15 minutes of installation and 5 minutes of opening the browser and the terminal and reading the FAQ out loud.

Animations or filming real hardware would do just fine, both have pros and cons. The animation gives more privacy to the maker of the video, but recording real hardware is much more relatable to the user that is seeing another person doing the same thing they are going to do.

Please take a look at Kicksecure Operating System Live ISO, Kicksecure-Host Installer to understand what are the steps to install Kicksecure from ISO. If you don’t understand the steps, please let me know, I wrote that page.

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