Feature Request: Integrate vramfs or similar

Any chance we can get kicksecure/whonix live run to use a gpu vram ramdisk? Currently, I use whonix vms running on a windows host with virtualbox running from a gpuramdisk. It’s fast and saves me a ton of system ram. Swapping windows for a lightweight live run linux would be nice. Haven’t found too much on people booting initrd to gpu ram though.

Only normal RAM but Live Mode is possible. See:

As for running Kicksecure inside a GPU ramdisk, this is highly unlikely to be invented by the Kicksecure project anytime soon. It might be possible as per:

This should be unspecific to Kicksecure. If you can boot any (Debian) based (Linux) operating system into GPU RAM, then the same mechanism might work for Kicksecure.