Guru Meditation VB - 37 ver not supported

I looked up for more information on this error message and all I could find was a ticket from several years ago about windows. My host is Fedora because Debian and Qubes are not fully hardware compatible with Intel Alder Lake.
. .
00:00:00.928482 Changing the VM state from ‘RUNNING’ to ‘GURU_MEDITATION’
00:00:00.928486 Console: Machine state changed to ‘Stuck’
00:00:00.928996 !!!
00:00:00.928997 !!
00:00:00.928997 !! VCPU0: Guru Meditation -37 (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)
00:00:00.929004 !!
00:00:00.929012 !!
00:00:00.929013 !! {mappings, }
00:00:00.929013 !!
00:00:00.929018 !!
00:00:00.929018 !! {hma, }
00:00:00.929019 !!
00:00:00.929019 !!
00:00:00.929020 !! {cpumguest, verbose}
00:00:00.929020 !!
. . .

Sometimes VirtualBox works perfectly, and then–spontaneously–it does not and says Guru Meditation is required. Oracle will not allow me to sign up for an account. I do not know why. If someone* can get a support request link or knows the answer, do so or please tell.

(zip attached gzip - what part of the rest of the log is important?) . . . nope, forum doesn’t allow zip format

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There maybe a valid answer here: • View topic - Guru meditation error

Hope this help

Is there an EP for Fedora? I did not have KVM running when this happened or even installed the first* time it did.

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