Include whonix installer with Kicksecure Live ISO?

Would it be possible to include the Whonix gateway and workstation with the Live ISO?
Currently the Live ISO size is only 1.3 GB and is pretty bare and leaves alot of room for much more.

Most USB’s are 16GB and up and most physical CD/DVD’s are 4.5 or 8.5GB.
The sad thing there is no Live distros that come with Virtual Machine software that you can use live or are not maintained anymore.

It would be great if the Live ISO came with whonix gateway & workstation and VM’s software. So not only would Kicksecure ISO have an installer it would also serve utility of being a Live USB that has whonix and virtualization software included.

That would not be hosted on The temporary name for that project is “Whonix-Host” and documented here: