Installing Kicksecure breaks NFS

on a debian 12 install, I configured NFS for use on my local LAN. I did intsall network-manager-gnome and openvpn…

after my client was able to mount the remote (local LAN). after installing kicksecure, I cannot get them to connect.

connection timeout when trying to mount from the command line.

I have double shecked hosts.allow and exports on the server, but they didnt seem to have been altered by installing kicksecure.

I DO have multiple NIC installed (4). 2 in use to WAN via router1, and 1 in use to router2 (local LAN)

portlist shows tcp 2049
rpcinfo shows
portmapper ports 111 TCP & UDP for versions 2,3,4
nfs ports 2049 TCP versions 3 & 4, and a nfs_acl on 2049 for version 3

ideally i would prefer to have an IP or MAC verified w/o kerberos, but I will take what I can at the moment I cant get mount working…

Not sure this will help…

Try commenting out the following lines from /etc/modprobe.d/30_security-misc.conf.

cat /etc/modprobe.d/30_security-misc.conf | grep -i nfs

Edit the file.

sudoedit /etc/modprobe.d/30_security-misc.conf

Reboot probably required.

[lots of angry comments go here]

but let me say thank you.

commenting the line ‘install nfsv4 /usr/bin/disabled-netfilesys-by-security-misc’ in /etc/modprobe.d/30_security-misc instantly fixed this issue for me.

many very frustrating hours were spent trying to remedy this problem before I created an account and posting.

I now see lots of security holes in nfs I must plug but its working. As my skills increse, at some point I will learn how to to setup a DNS server and kerberos on my server in the never ending pusuit of security.