ISO - Development

Where is the repo where is the progress? Where do I contribute and where do I see?

This is a horrible usability bug, not sure it should be considered a blocker:

  1. Build the ISO from a developers git tag.
  2. Boot the ISO (on hardware, or in VM, BIOS or EFI, SecureBoot enabled or not, anything)
  3. Test the ISO.
  4. Test the Calamares installer.
  5. Test the installed system.
  6. Ask in case of issues (build issues or so).
  7. Improve developers documentation to make the process more straight-forward for yourself and potentially other developers.
  8. Fix what’s needed.

A downloadable ISO is now available for developers.

The page Kicksecure Operating System Live ISO, Kicksecure-Host Installer has been updated to contain instructions on how to install the ISO. It can help you to contribute for the issues to be fixed.

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