Kicksecure Default Applications Missing

I want to install Kicksecure as a host OS and run Whonix inside KVM. I’ve installed Kicksecure by distromorphing Debian, but none of the default applications (Thunderbird, Hexchat, etc.) install when I do. This seems to be the only problem I have. I followed the directions for distromorphing on the wiki, including onionizing the Debian and derivative repositories.

I have tried a number of times with these options:

-Installing Debian 11 Bullseye with XFCE and then installing kicksecure-cli
-Installing Debian 11 Bullseye with XFCE and then installing kicksecure-xfce
-Installing Debian 11 Bullseye with no GUI and then installing kicksecure-xfce

I have also tried using apt-cache show kicksecure- to display the packages and install the package kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended, but only the Electrum wallet installs.

I am using osboot and the installation of Debian is encrypted.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Short answer:

This will stay non-ideal until there is an ISO. Meanwhile I recommend to just manually install whatever desired packages.

Technical background:

kicksecure-xfce does not depend on kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended. And it shouldn’t either to keep it compartmentalized.

kicksecure-xfce-host does depend on kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended. But kicksecure-xfce-host isn’t tested for distro morphing and due to its dependency on kicksecure-network-conf and kicksecure-network-conf-gui are higher “understanding” of the packages is required to avoid breaking networking. This is only possible if networking defaults all all chosen by ISO installation.

kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended doesn’t Depends: on many default applications at time of writing. See:

hexchat isn’t mentioned in https://github.com/Kicksecure/kicksecure-meta-packages/blob/master/debian/control.

This makes sense. I was unsure if I had missed a step, but I understand now. I will install the packages manually.

Thank you for the fast reply and for developing Kicksecure.

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