Kicksecure Firewall

What is the Firewall comes with Kicksecure on CLI? ufw was not included anywhere in any metapackage.

None yet. None has been developed yet.


I am OK with current state, I don’t think we need extra Firewall.

While Kicksecure comes with no open ports by default, a firewall would be useful to protect the user from unwanted, unexpected ports opened by third-party software.

How this could be structured:

  • kicksecure-shared-firewall
  • kicksecure-desktop-firewall [block all ports by default]
  • kicksecure-server-firewall [open port 22, which is SSH’s default port by default]
    • Maybe the server firewall should come last. If ever. Much later. Maybe not at all. Maybe server operators should take care of a firewall themselves.

No worries.
I can use firewalld or ufw myself.