Kicksecure no screen lock installed

Morphed Debian into Kicksecure xfce. All went good, but no screen lock available, only Log out. xflock4 does nothing, “xfce4-screensaver-command --lock” - command not found.
What should I install to fix it?

Screen lock is only present when user is logged out, but it expected to be available when try to lock screen too.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xscreensaver
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There is some more. Xfce does not know that audio is currently playing and cannot control it.
Also there is no connections into connection manager, but network is working.
What should I install to fix it too?

This popup stays static disregard any audio playing.

1 issue = 1 forum thread please.

I don’t know that either. Should work by default. If it doesn’t, issue solution would be the same as when using Debian. Hence, try to debug as per Free Support Principle.

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This is now in the testers repository.