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Kicksecure-xfce-host not installable in debian 12 (removed dependency)

Removed from bookworm.

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Affects Kicksecure KVM only.

Whonix is also affected, reported here just now:

If not resolved at time when porting to Debian 12, I would have to remove that dependency package.

I am not a maintainer of Kicksecure KVM.

//cc @HulaHoop

I think QXL gpu has been deprecated in favor of virtio-gpu which means qxl support packages are obsolete and may no longer be needed. @nurmagoz any problems when removing it from a running install?

hmm not sure i get what do you mean by “removing it from a running
install” do you have specific instructions how to do that?

This is easier said than done. Since a meta package depends on the QXL package, makes it hard to remove it. Let alone removing any dependencies that QXL Depends: on. I don’t think any user will be capable of doing that.


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