Live mode VM Virtualbox

Hello Kicksecure team,

I noticed that live-mode in a VM virtualbox is not functionning as intented from my personnal setup. I’m using Ubuntu as Host and Kicksecure is installed in a VM (2 cases: VM import from Kicksecure + Debian cli minimal install with Kicksecure installed manually on it).

*Here is the issue (for both cases)
1/ Boot in live mode
2/ Create a folder + texte file in /home/user and save it.
3/ Shutdown the VM
4/ Reboot in live mode
5/ The folder & files are still there.

*Some other infos:
1/ I did this multiple times with the same result
2/ I also completely shutdown my ubuntu host.
3/ Synaptic and ClamAV packages installed.

*Is it then an issue from me or are you able to replicate this?


I wasn’t able to reproduce this.