No connection in Kicksecure AppVM based on Qubes template debian-11-minimal

There is no internet connection on AppVMs based on qubes-kicksecure (using distro morphing)

To reproduce:

  • Install debian 11 minimal
  • Install kicksecure using distro morphine method
  • Create AppVM based on kicksecure template
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I have figured out why when installing kicksecure in qubes no networking going to work, Tor wont connect at all in kicksecure-qubes by itself unless you restart it (shutdown-restart the VM wont solve it unless done manually)

dont know why this is happening.

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no internet connection or only APT / Tor broken?

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Did you install the suggested packages for minimal templates, such as those necessary for networking etc?

eg qubes-core-agent-networking


only APT / Tor broken (yeah confusing what i have said)

No because these doesnt help, I dont want kicksecure as netvm or compatible with USB or VPN-VM… just normal/minimal working VM.

But anyway i just tested this again and i cant have this issue anymore, So mark as resolved.

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