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Remove/Replace broken links at

If we view the source code of page there are:

1- Search for

<a href="" data-modal="modal-explain-community" target="_blank">

there is no, it should be .com

2- Search for

<a target="_blank" class="external text" href="">
  de-anonymization of Tor onion services

URL broken/changed, check if it can be replaced entirely or with archive one.

3- There is no anbox homepage for anbox-kicksecure feature

4- /wiki/Verify_the_Whonix_images → → Doesnt exist

    Downloads are
    <a href="/wiki/Verifying_Software_Signatures">signed</a>
    so genuine Whonix releases can be
    <a href="/wiki/Verify_the_Whonix_images">verified</a>.
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Thanks! Fixed.

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Note: for link is redirecting
to (sometimes it takes
long time to redirect which might show its dead)

So its better to replace it with the direct link for it.

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