Running Android Apps inside Kicksecure - Waydroid

From my testing, Waydroid appears to be very buggy and not fully compatible with the default Kicksecure at the moment. For example:

  • Kicksecure uses xfce 4.18, which still doesn’t support Wayland by default.

  • Installing KDE, which supports Wayland, will cause the sdwdate-gui systray not to appear because it doesn’t support Wayland (there’s a ticket already open for this).

  • Waydroid has blocking issues when running on Debian, even if iptables is installed:

Installing waydroid inside kicksecure stopped here.

Reversing the ways:

Install Kicksecure inside Waydroid-Linux customized Debian version:

Installing Kicksecure inside waydroid stopped here.

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