Security-misc breaks network connectivity

Hi all,
I installed these packages on my Debian 12 VirtualBox VM: lkrg* ufw hardened-runtime hardened-malloc-kicksecure-enable hardened-malloc apparmor-utils apparmor-profiles-kicksecure* sandbox-app-luncher and everything works fine.
After I checked everything is working after reboot, I rebooted it again and installed security-misc and both of my network interfaces goes down. Please help me!

Try this.

sudo rm -f /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/80_ipv6-privacy.conf
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/80_randomize-mac.conf

And reboot.

(Could be this issue: MAC randomization breaks root server and VirtualBox DHCP / IPv6PrivacyExtensions might be problematic · Issue #184 · Kicksecure/security-misc · GitHub)

It is not working, DHCP still not working. I have two interfaces in my VM. One is NAT the other one is host-only.
Everytime I reboot the machine(with or without doing anything) one interface randomly not working but the other will be working.


Which DHCP client?

Use Kicksecure for VirtualBox? That should work. It comes with NM (Network Manager) by default.

You sure this is caused by security-misc?

The NAT interface won’t get DHCP anymore.

Pretty sure. I installed each of those packages separately and security-misc was the last one I installed and caused problem.

SteveK1978 via Kicksecure Forums:

The NAT interface won’t get DHCP anymore.

Doesn’t answer my question.

Which DHCP client?

Sorry I don’t understand your question now. I don’t understand what do you mean by this.
I have a Windows host amd run Kicksecure based on a Debian 12 VirtualBox VM, it has a NAT interface and a HOST-ONLY interface. Definitely no one will set their HOST-ONLY interface DHCP client(maybe there are someone doing this but at least not me not here), the only interface left here is NAT interface.

DHCP client = What software does the DHCP request? Network Manager (NM), ifupdown, dhclient, etc.?

It is NetworkManager I think.

I can confirm it is NetworkManager.

I am not using the Kicksecure VirtualBox. I am using Debian 12 and installing Kicksecure packages.

Another interesting thing I recognized recently:
If I install any Kicksecure’s meta-package instead of solely install security-misc, everything will be fine. I still won’t be able to ping internet(anything blocks icmp?) but I will be able to access the internet via Tor.