Sys-usb's blueman issues


I’ve switched my disp sys-usb to kicksecure min template(also disp) with blueman package.
All went good and I could use right away my sys-usb as I would before, except, after a restart, when I start blueman manager(bluetooth manager) and the popup come up with confirmation to auto start bluetooth or not(same as beforehand), when I click on either option(yes/no) the applet just insta crushing and obviously not usable.
Switching back to regular DVM solves the issue, but obviously I want to switch to kicksecure.
Anything you can suggest please?

Might be caused by this:

If you don’t know how to adjust the configuration, try deleting it in Template.

sudo rm /etc/bluetooth/30_security-misc.conf

Then shutdown the Template and restart the App Qube.

Otherwise no idea.

If you manage to fix this, a report on how you did it would be appreciated.