Trouble installing kicksecure-qubes-gui in qubes

Hi community,
I’m having difficulties getting the GUI package of kicksecure on my Qubes system. I followed the instructions on how to make a clone of the Debian template and install kicksecure from there on the terminal.

I am reading instructions on the page “install kicksecure inside Debian”. I got to step 2 C. on “Install the Kicksecure Package”, where it says to run the command to install kicksecure-cli-host. Naturally I replaced this with kicksecure-qubes-gui because that’s the package I want to download - I want the user firendly GUI one.

When I entered that, it simply said “unable to locate package kicksecure-qubes-gui”. Keep in mind I followed all the other steps on the page?

Can someone help get me unstuck? Thanks!

I suspect that the earlier steps adding the repository and/or updating the package lists have been forgotten.