Unneeded TOR activities cause CPU spikes

Switched to kicksecure for net, firewall and usb qubes.

Noticed CPU spikes in all of the above qubes with clearnet for unrelated and unneeded TOR activities such as tor_bootstrap and tor-circuit.

Why are they present in a clearnet qubes and are they absolutely necessary?
How do I disable them?

Thank you for making kicksecure a reality.


Hardening by Default

Torified operating system (apt) upgrades

Is there at least a tested/recommended way to reduce the CPU spikes?

It wouldn’t be a problem with one kicksecure instance, but when there’s at least 3 qubes, it’s kicking the CPU hard enough to rise temperature above 70c.

Is there anything you can suggest above the rest?


General Troubleshooting

It’s hard to take this seriously.

It’s not practical whatsoever, as this is not caused due to some hardware or user mistake.

Same behavior is with sys-whonix, it’s just spikes on one single qube isn’t much of a deal, especially if it’s needed, but when it comes to 3-4 qubes and more, and there’s zero need to support TOR within them, it simply makes the whole system unusable.

As much as I’d like to use kicksecure for my templates, it’s just not sustainable, sadly.