What are the Biggest Do's and Don'ts of Kicksecure

When piloting this thing, I wanted to know what are the biggest do’s and don’ts of this software.

Secondly, I’d like a clarification: is the CLI version more secure than the XFCE version? How and why?

Lastly, does the team have any plans for opt-in telemetry? I seek this feature because I am not very technically oriented enough to file bug report. I am learning, but I think automatic bug reports would also be good too.

Do you support recurring donations?

There’s a ton of documentation. Lots of it is generic knowledge that applies to any operating system.


One could argue lower attack surface but no specific argument. CLI version is primarily interesting for servers as well as for advanced users interested in:

Telemetry has a bad ring in context of Microsoft Windows Hosts. That sort of telemetry is certainly not planned.

Maybe one day semi-automatic (suggested but not auto-send without user approval).


Thank you for your consideration. Recurring donations aren’t supported by crypto currencies as these don’t support it. Supported recurring donations are possible thorugh PayPal or bank standing instructions.

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