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Enabling open-link-confirmation

Hey there,

According to KickSecure docs, open-link-confirmation is enabled by default.

I have Kicksecure installed on bare metal, and open-link-confirmation is installed, but the applet does not appear.

I cannot find any documentation on how to properly enable it.

How should I go about this?


Thanks for the report!

This should work by default. I need to investigate this…

related source code if somebody else likes to have a look:

FWIW a lot of things don’t work quite right out of the box, especially if all you install is kicksecure-xfce.

I found this package list much more useful for converting Debian to Kicksecure on bare-metal: kicksecure-xfce apparmor-profiles-kicksecure desktop-config-dist kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended kicksecure-desktop-applications-xfce kicksecure-desktop-environment-essential-xfce kicksecure-xfce-host

I’m sure there are some things in the list that are redundant, I haven’t had a chance to deduplicate them.

This one (which was posted later) could be a duplicate:

For solution, could you please have a look here?

In short: the documentation on which meta package to install has been updated.

Btw as for the packages… As long as Kicksecure doesn’t have something like APT package repository web interface for - Development - Whonix Forum to auto document the packages better… You might be interested to look into this source file. It has all the meta packages.

kicksecure-meta-packages/control at master · Kicksecure/kicksecure-meta-packages · GitHub