Enabling open-link-confirmation

Hey there,

According to KickSecure docs, open-link-confirmation is enabled by default.

I have Kicksecure installed on bare metal, and open-link-confirmation is installed, but the applet does not appear.

I cannot find any documentation on how to properly enable it.

How should I go about this?


Thanks for the report!

This should work by default. I need to investigate this…

related source code if somebody else likes to have a look:

FWIW a lot of things don’t work quite right out of the box, especially if all you install is kicksecure-xfce.

I found this package list much more useful for converting Debian to Kicksecure on bare-metal: kicksecure-xfce apparmor-profiles-kicksecure desktop-config-dist kicksecure-desktop-applications-recommended kicksecure-desktop-applications-xfce kicksecure-desktop-environment-essential-xfce kicksecure-xfce-host

I’m sure there are some things in the list that are redundant, I haven’t had a chance to deduplicate them.

This one (which was posted later) could be a duplicate:

For solution, could you please have a look here?

In short: the documentation on which meta package to install has been updated.

Btw as for the packages… As long as Kicksecure doesn’t have something like packages.debian.org APT package repository web interface for deb.whonix.org - Development - Whonix Forum to auto document the packages better… You might be interested to look into this source file. It has all the meta packages.

kicksecure-meta-packages/control at master · Kicksecure/kicksecure-meta-packages · GitHub