Systemcheck wont load/work on debian 12 (next release)

Tested installing kicksecure-gui in debian stable 11 then upgraded to 12 then check systemcheck if it will run i got this message:

sudo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Also solved by this?

sadly no.

And since systemcheck fail, it will make kicksecure setup wizard fail as well: (skip to finish directly)

I can reproduce on ppc64le as a result of distro-morphing Debian Bookworm to Kicksecure. Not sure how to fix it though. Comparing Bullseye to Bookworm:

That library was moved from /usr/lib/sudo/ to /usr/libexec/sudo/. Given the nature of libexec, it sounds like Systemcheck shouldn’t be using it since Systemcheck isn’t part of sudo?

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systemcheck internally uses sudo. But without any fancy stuff. It’s just a big compilation of standard system commands. So this most likely can (and need to) be reduced to a command that would also fail outside of system check.

You could enable bash xtrace with the handy --debug switch.

systemcheck --debug

Full log probably not required. Just the last few lines before the error. Once that’s nailed down, probably the bug can be reproduced without systemcheck.

now fixed in debian 12

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